Sunday, October 18, 2009

What flowers are good for bees?

In order to achieve a satisfactory level of honey production, the pollen of the flowers that the bees visit need to have a crude protein level of around 25%. Below are some of the common pollen types in Queensland and New South Wales and their crude protein content:

Wattle: 25%-28%

Daisy family: 14.5-24.5%

Bottlebrush: 30%

Spear thistle: 31.8%

Pumpkin: 26.4%

Sandalwood: 25.2-29.6%

White box: 17.2-17.9%

Hill gum: 20.5-26%

Grey gum: 24%

Cotton: 19-20%

Wedge pea: 29.5%

Sunflower: 18.5%

Macadamia: 19-20%

Thistle: 25%

Tea-tree: 25-36%

Pine: 7%

Bush pea: 31-33%

Bush pea: 14-15%

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  1. Great info Jack,
    we have a native garden and so many of our plants would come in with the desired protein level.