Sunday, October 18, 2009

The beehives today

While I wasn't intending to open the beehives up today, I decided to add one more frame of foundation to each hive in order to give the queen some extra room for her to lay her eggs.

I had a look at the frame of foundation that was added only two days ago when I originally had the nucleus colony put in my brood chamber. Already the bees have started building comb on the wax. It must be a bit over two centimetres thick now.

One of the frames of foundation I added on Saturday

I gave the hive a quick inspection: I could see new brood on the frames which tells me that the queen was laying but I could not find the queen bee during my hurried inspection of the frames.

Finally I used a metal grill to block off most of the entrance to the beehive. This way the bees should find it a lot easier to defend their home.

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