Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feeding and inspecting the beehives

This afternoon I decided to open up the beehives in order to check how the bees were going and to give them some protein patties and sugar-water. Note the pieces of wood blocking half the entrances to both hives – this makes it easier for the bees to defend the smaller space. I think I will block off more of the entrance tomorrow.

Although there were quite a few bees buzzing around me, they were still very calm. I smoked the hive entrance and under the lid before completely taking it off. I removed the nails holding the middle frames in place during the journey last night and then proceeded to add the sugar-feeder frame and protein patty to both beehives, as you can see in the pictures below. The protein patty is the brown bar that the bees have swarmed over.

I then closed up the hive and left. I think I will leave the bees alone for most of the next week. In about 5-7 days I plan to add a couple more of frames of foundation to each beehive.

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