Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got two nucleus colonies today

Today I bought two nucleus colonies from a queen bee breeder. He put four frames of bees in both of my hives along with one frame of foundation in the middle. We found the queen bee and gave her a green mark on her back. After he had put the frames in the beehive the beekeeper then banged the nucleus box on the ground and then tipped the rest of the bees into my hive. Below is one of the beehives we put the frames in today.

We taped the lid shut and put a metal grill over the entrance to prevent the bees getting out. We did this at dusk when all the bees had returned to the hive. When I got home I placed the bees on some besser blocks under a mango tree to give them some shade. I placed a strip over the entrance to make it a bit smaller so the bees can defend it more easily. Tomorrow I'll check the hive and start giving them some sugar water. After that I think I will leave the bees for the next 5-7 days.

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